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Puzzling Lake County Florida Activities!

I'm working at coming up with ideas for things to do here in Lake County, Florida with your family and I'm trying to find things you may not have already done. If you're into escape rooms or puzzling situations, you may enjoy these options! I've also included a few in nearby counties to give you more options.

This family entertainment center now includes an indoor go-kart track, billiards, a mega-arcade, a kids corner indoor inflatable park, an event space, room for birthday parties, VRCade, Laser Tag, and now Escape Rooms! There are now two escape rooms that you can your group can work together to escape from: Escape the Morgue and Escape the Mine Shaft. You can book space for either room on their website for $10 per person. It seems that the maximum number of guests for Escape the Morgue is three and the maximum for Escape the Mine Shaft is four. Other activities to consider while you're there are laser tag (per person rates are $8 for one game or $15 for two), kids corner ($7 for kids under 35" or $10 for kids 35-60"; monthly passes are also available for $17 or $25 depending on height), or go-karts (yearly registration and head sock $3, 1 race $15, 2 races $28, 3 races $40 5 races $61, minimum height for junior go-karts is 48" or for adult go-karts 55"). While you're there, at VIA Entertainment there's bowling (game prices vary based on time between $3 - $4, shoe rentals $3.50, hourly rates per lane vary from $25-$40) and an arcade.

Mind Masters, Clermont:

Are you read for a new kind of escape room? They say if you are, this is the place for you! Their challenge chambers are recommended for teams of 4-6 "agents" who will work together on brain-bending, team-working, problem-solving mysteries. The current mission is called "Strange Magic" and it involves a circus hiding a deeper threat: a magician using his powers to suck the life-force from his audience. The price is $32.10 per person and they recommend that children be at least 7 years of age to play with a group for this one hour mission.

Enjoy their life-sized games of escape and exploration! There are three different rooms with different story lines. You're given 60 minutes to escape by cracking codes, solving puzzles, and following clues. Their easiest mission, The Con Artist, has you joining Joe to find a large stash of cash hidden within an art gallery warehouse. Their more difficult mission, The Waiting Room, has you joining in project MK Ultra which manipulated people's mental states and they need you to join their sleep study. The most challenging mission, The Saloon, has you locating a town where people on the Oregon Trail were taken by a bunch of outlaws. You can book online for $29.95 per person.

If escape rooms don't interest you, relax! There are plenty of other things to do here in Lake County, Florida!

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