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Fun Things to Do for Teens: Lake County's Thrive Summer PopUp on June 20, 2024!

Hey there, parents of teens! Are your kids ready to ditch boredom and break out of social hibernation? Trying to find things to do for your teens right here in Lake County, Florida? Teenagers need to make connections with people their own age and have fun! Introducing the Thrive Summer PopUp – a fun event for teens aged 13-18! Thrive's Summer PopUp takes place in Groveland on Thursday, June 20, 2024, from 5:30 to 8:30 pm.

Thrive’s mission? Empowering success. Led by fantastic community leaders, the events promise the ideal mix of learning and leisure. Don’t let your teens miss out on this epic opportunity to thrive!

group of teens hanging out together

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This week's Thrive Summer PopUp will be held at the Puryear Building located at 243 S. Lake Avenue in Groveland, FL. The $10.25 charge per person includes the activity they select and dinner.

Check-in is from 5:30-6:00, and the welcome and introductions begin at 6:00. PopUps start at 6:15, and groups will return between 7:30-7:45. Dinner and door prizes will be between 7:45-8:30. This event occurs regardless of the weather (outdoor activities will be relocated if need be). Be sure to purchase tickets online in advance - some options are nearly sold out at the time this article was written (3C's of College Admission had 5 seats remaining, Origami had 3, and the Groveland Police Department: Drones & Dogs had 1 left; Pier Fishing was already sold out).

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The choices currently available include:

calligraphy at the Lake County teen activity Thrive Summer Popup

Make & Take Alley: explore stations and create an artwork or a craft that you can take home or donate. There will be supplies for calligraphy, art lettering, mandalas, zentangle, dot art, and ceramics, plus additional choices.

Introduction to Meditation: learn to meditate in a way that aligns with your specific energy.

Groveland Fire Department: join the city's firefighters and learn about their routine, fire safety, and take a tour of a fire truck.

Chess Tactics: Jacob will work with those that have a basic understanding of playing chess learn common openings and how to best defend. He'll share strategies that can help avoid a stalemate, and he'll share famous end games. Puzzle features he uses to improve on will also be covered.

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teenager engaging in photography

Photography: learn how to make your photos pop with tips & tricks. You'll learn about the Golden Hour, and you'll work on framing your subject. Be sure to bring your fully charged phone or digital camera.

Juggling: learn from a local farmer and former circus clown how to impress your friends in this fun activity.

Create Your Own Spice Blends: work with former Disney Chef Marianne Hunnel who is now on the culinary team cooking for the astronauts and their crew prior to traveling to the International Space Station. She'll share stories and her knowledge of international cuisine, plus you'll sample spices and be able to take home your own custom spice blend.

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Thrive summer PopUp activity showing a police drone flying

3 C's of College Admission: Innovative Collegiate Consultants, Inc. will show you how to complete a common application, help you with curating your college list, and assist with composing your essay.

Poetry & Journaling: Beth Merrick, the owner of Sunshine Book Co. leads this workshop. Journaling is a great way to capture your own story, plus it can support your own happiness.

CSI / Bomb Squad: join the Lake County Sheriff's Department as they discuss investigating crime scenes, gathering evidence, and even see how they approach, inspect, disarm, and remove explosive devices. Their robot will demonstrate on site!

teenagers joining hands at Thrive in Lake County Florida

Intro to Robotics: robot kits will be used to demonstrate various STEM activities.

Origami: learn the Japanese art of paper folding.

Groveland Police Department - Drones / Dogs: learn how dogs and drones are used in detective work, and discuss the training process for working in these specialized fields.

You can find out more about Thrive, their mission, vision, strategic plan, and all of their programs and events on their website, YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn page.

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