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20 Museums, Sights, & Landmarks in Lake County Florida

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Lake County Florida offers many options for animal lovers

The more time I spend trying to find out what's in our area, the more amazed I am by what I find. The list this week focuses on museums, sights, and landmarks located right here in Lake County Florida. If you love animals, you'll find a few good options on this week's list where you can see horses, alpacas, goats, chickens, pigs, cows, llamas, & ostriches! If you love the outdoors but aren't quite that adventurous, you can visit a farm, take in a corn maze or two, see a pumpkin exhibit, or even visit a Christmas tree forest. If the weather's not in agreement, there are indoor options as well including museums, touring historical landmarks, and you can even ride to the top of the Citrus Tower to take in the sights. There's plenty to do for everyone in Lake County!

Museums, Sights, & Landmarks:

Horse lovers enjoy Lake County Florida and our Leesburg Florida rentals
Enjoy nature in a Christmas tree farm near your Leesburg rental

So what else is there to consider doing in Lake County Florida, you might ask? Check out these posts for plenty of additional options:

I've chosen to make Lake County my home and I love all of the options here. We have so many things to do right within our own county, plus we have lots of options within a reasonable driving distance. We're close to the major theme parks in Orlando plus we can drive to the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean for a day of fishing or relaxing on the beach! When the time comes for you to make a move, I hope you'll consider Lake County Florida! If you'll be renting when you do, please keep us in mind when looking for a quality Leesburg rental in a gated community with amenities.

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