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Whether you rent or own, these topics will be of interest to you in Lake County, Florida!  Check out fun things to do that are local!

Finding and keeping the right rental is challenging.  Renters come up with important questions as they search for rentals.  Do you wonder how much you can afford to spend in rent?  Do you ask yourself what's the deal with security deposits and wonder why you have to put them down prior to moving in?  Do you understand why you need renters insurance?  Are you puzzled about why you have to pay so much in application fees when you find the rental you want?  Do you know what questions you should make sure you ask prior to signing a lease?  If these are issues of interest to you, then you should be following our blog!  Not only will Leesburg renters benefit, but regardless of where you live, you'll find issues of interest to you.  Whether you are searching for a Lake County rental or not, I'm sure you ask how you can save money on your electric bills.  We'll deal with issues like that as well.  Each week, we'll point out activities in Lake County that may be of interest, we'll spotlight local businesses, and we'll keep you informed on things you should know.  Just recently our area was threatened by Hurricane Dorian.  Fortunately, it did not harm us nearly as much as it did others.  But do you know what your responsibilities are as a renter before a hurricane?  Sign up and follow our blog to keep informed of issues of interest to you.

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