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Lake County Florida's Scenic Drives

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Today we're focusing on scenic drives located in or passing through Lake County. We may not have mountains but we have plenty of natural beauty for you to see!

The Black Bear Scenic Byway is a short distance from our Leesburg rental

Our first drive runs from Silver Springs all the way to Ormond Beach, passing through Lake County along the way. This is the Black Bear Scenic Byway, a national scenic byway of more than 120+ miles of roads to explore. You'll travel through some of Florida's most pristine ecosystems, passing springs, lakes, rivers, forests, and trails with plenty of possibilities for viewing wildlife. Here are links to information about the Black Bear Scenic Byway:

The Green Mountain Scenic Byway is near your Leesburg rental

Next, we have the Green Mountain Scenic Byway which runs from Mount Dora down to Winter Garden, traveling 45+ miles around Lake Apopka. You'll find scenic vistas, endangered species, preserves, wildlife, and natural beauty on this drive. There's even a Green Mountain Scenic Overlook along the way in Minneola and an observation tower at 132 feet above sea level which provides viewing of both Lake Apopka and the Orlando Skyline. Here are links to information about the Green Mountain Scenic Byway:

Wildlife lovers will enjoy the Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive near your Leesburg rental

Finally, we move onto my favorite of all, the Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive. This is a one way 11 mile with a 10 mph speed limit, so figure it'll take you about two hours with stops along the way for viewing. You'll see birds including eagles, ospreys, herons, ibis, storks, owls, pelicans, cormorants, anhingas, shore birds, swans, ducks, etc. Plenty of insects make Lake Apopka their home, including grasshoppers and many varieties of butterfly. You might see mammals including bobcats, rabbits, otters, and raccoons while on the drive. Reptiles abound including alligators, snakes, skinks, frogs, and turtles. If you look at the Facebook page listed below, you'll see pictures of what others have photographed along the Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive. Here are links:

Lake County Florida offers plenty of natural beauty. Enjoy one or all of these beautiful drives!

Looking for something different to do in Lake County? Each Wednesday we post information about what to do on the weekend here in Lake County, Florida. Take a look at these for plenty of additional choices of what to do:

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