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What are the landlords obligations when you lease a property?

Updated: May 29

At my Leesburg rental properties, I understand the obligation of the landlord to the tenants

You know that when you lease, there are certain things that are expected of you: pay your rent on time, keep the place neat and clean, don't do damage, don't disturb others, etc. Just like you are expected to do certain things, so is your landlord! The expectations of the landlord may be disclosed within your lease. If not, they vary by state but you should be able to find them online. Try this - do a Google search for the name of your state followed by the words statutes landlord tenant (in Georgia search for Georgia statutes landlord tenant).

Here in Florida, the landlord is required to (unless the lease specifically states something different):

Landlords have set obligations to tenants; they are observed at my Leesburg rentals
  • Comply with all of the applicable building, housing, and health codes

  • Maintain the roof, windows, doors, floors, steps, porches, exterior walls, foundations, and any other structural components

  • Keep the plumbing in reasonable working condition

  • When the lease begins, the landlord must have screens installed and they must be in a reasonable condition

  • Exterminate for rats, mice, roaches, ants, wood-destroying organisms, and bedbugs

  • Provide locks and keys for the property

  • Make sure the common areas are clean and safe

  • Provide for garbage removal with outside receptacles

  • Make sure the heat is working in the winter

  • Make sure the water works and hot water is available

  • Install working smoke detection devices

My Leesburg rental properties follow all state guidelines

It states in the Florida statute that while a landlord must provide these items, nothing prevents the landlord from charging the tenant for the costs of these items (say for example, the cost of garbage removal from the property, or the cost of the utilities necessary for providing the tenant with hot water and heat).

Everything above is stated within the 2019 Florida Statutes, Title VI - Civil Practice and Procedure, Chapter 83 - Landlord and Tenant, in section 83.51 which details the landlord's obligation to maintain the premises. This is an important document to become familiar with, either as a renter or as a landlord. It discusses duration of rent tenancies, things that are prohibited within a lease, security deposits, landlord and tenants obligations during a lease, termination of a lease, and other items of interest to both landlords and renters.

Today's blog post dealt with the landlords obligations. Tomorrow we'll focus on the oblligations of the tenant. Our Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday posts will focus on issues of interest to both landlords and tenants. On Monday and Wednesday, we'll focus on topics of interest to the residents (whether you own or rent) of Lake County, Florida. If you find our posts helpful, please share them with others and consider subscribing to - thanks!

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