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Where can I find my rights as a landlord?

Landlords have rights just like renters have rights at my Leesburg rentals

Landlords have rights just like renters have them. But if you don't know what those rights are, how do you know if you are operating your rental business correctly under the law? Let's find your state's rights for both landlords and renters.

Here in Florida, you can find your rights in the 2019 Florida Statutes. Look to Chapter 83 - Landlord & Tenant, Part II - Residential Tenancies, from 83.40 - 83.683. Here are some of the items that it covers:

  • Definition of relevant terms in 83.43

  • Unconscionable rental agreements which courts may refuse to endorse in 83.45 - know what is and isn't legal before you draft your rental agreements and leases

  • Security deposit money, where it can be placed, conditions under which you can withhold all or part of it in 83.49

  • Things you as the landlord are obligated to maintain for your renter in 83.51

  • Things your renter agrees to maintain in 83.52

  • Rules about when you as the landlord can access the property and notice you must provide your renters in 83.53

  • Termination of the rental agreement by either the landlord or tenant in 83.56

  • What occurs when your property is foreclosed upon in 83.561

  • What occurs if a tenant doesn't vacate your property in 83.59

  • How to handle things when a tenant terminates a lease early in 83.595

  • Eviction proceedings, power to award possession & enter a money judgment in 83.60 - 83.625

  • Damages caused by the tenant to your property in 83.63

  • Retaliatory conduct not permitted against your tenant in 83.64

  • Things you as a landlord cannot do to a tenant in 83.67

  • Termination of a lease by someone in the service in 83.682

  • Rental application filed by a service member in 83.683

Both landlords and renters can do a Google search to find out their rights at my Leesburg rental properties

What if you're not located in Florida... where can you find information about your rights as a landlord? Do a Google search for the name of your state followed by the words landlord tenant laws (for example, Hawaii landlord tenant laws or Texas landlord tenant laws). Look for a website ending in .gov or (with the two letter abbreviation for your state appearing between state and us).

Oftentimes, especially if you are working with a realtor, the answers to questions that arise will be found in the lease. However, when something goes wrong with a rental situation where you are the landlord, it's important to know where to turn to find out your rights.

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