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Instant Pot - Chicken Marsala

It’s been a while since I made an Instant Pot meal and I decided today was the day. I’m a big fan of Instant Pot’s website, especially the section containing recipes. There’s an Instant Pot app that you can download onto your iPad, tablet, or phone as well.

I love Chicken Marsala, but lately when I’ve ordered it in restaurants, it’s been so-so. I think many places try to cheapen the recipe down by using less wine and it makes a noticeable difference. I ordered it out this past weekend at an Italian restaurant and I swear they had used brown gravy in it to give it flavor! That got me to start searching for a recipe. Sure enough, I found a recipe for Chicken Marsala on Instant Pot’s website that sounded pretty good. It was! I try to note brands when I make something so that it will come out the same next time I make it. I used about 1.75 lbs of thin chicken tenders (14 pieces), Progresso Low Sodium Chicken Broth, and Taylor brand Marsala wine that I found in Publix.

Here’s what I did because I wanted to serve it over egg noodles (I made a full bag, stove top for this while thickening up the sauce) - I doubled the wine, chicken broth, cornstarch, and cream to make more sauce.

The only things I might try changing next time - it needed a little salt, so I may try using regular Progresso Chicken Broth rather than low sodium next time. I may triple the sauce ingredients listed above to have more sauce. As far as the wine goes, I’m not an expert... far from it. The wine I got was $6.99 a bottle. There was another brand there that was $10.99. The person that helped me spot it said that if I was just using it for cooking, I’d be fine going with the lower priced wine. I think next time I may try the more expensive wine to see if it makes a difference. This was good but the flavor was milder than what I tend to like. What do you think - go with the better wine or just use more wine in the recipe? Do you have a brand of Marsala that you like? I'd definitely appreciate your suggestions.

If you have an Instant Pot, this is an easy recipe to make. You’ll have dinner for four (or two nights of meals for two) in about an hour. I would love to share your ”Instant Pot Recipe Hits” in a future post - send them to me along with pictures and any changes you made or recommend and I’ll feature your creation and share it with other fans. Happy Instant Potting!

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