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What Features in a Rental Matter Most to You?

Is a swimming pool on your list of Leesburg rental necessities?

When searching for the perfect rental, it’s important to think about which features matter the most to you. Consider making a list of features and then rank them in some way that makes sense to you, possibly in three columns titled Must Have, Would Be Nice, and Does Not Matter. Here are some ideas of what you may want to include before you start searching for your ideal rental:

  • Central Air Conditioning: if you live in Florida, this will probably be on your “Must Have” list, but if you live where the temperatures are cooler, it may not be as important to you.

  • Fireplace: again, I’m sure this depends on where you live. Here in Florida, it might be nice in the cooler winter months but I could definitely survive without it. If I was up in the mountains in Colorado, I’m sure I’d feel differently.

Do you have to have a washer dryer in your Leesburg rental?
  • Washer & Dryer: years ago, I was used to going to a laundromat for washing clothes. I’ve gotten very used to having my own machines in my home now, so this is something I couldn’t possibly do without.

  • Dishwasher: if you hate washing dishes by hand, be sure to include this on your Must Have list.

  • Cable TV Service: if you watch a lot of TV and want choices, cable TV may be a requirement for you. Maybe you prefer to skip paying for a TV service entirely because you get your programming from Internet streaming services instead.

Is high speed internet a requirement at your Leesburg Florida rental?
  • High Speed Internet: if you work from home on a computer or if you like to stream video, this may rank high up on your list.

  • Split Floor Plan: if privacy is important to you, this is something to consider. In a split floor plan, the bedrooms occupy distinctly separate spaces. One may be at one end of the home away from the others. If having privacy is important to you, this may be a feature to rank highly on your list.

  • Open Floor Plan: an open floor plan is a great feature if you like to be able to interact with each other from room to room. Som properties feature an open concept between the kitchen, dining room, and living room. This may be important to you.

Must pets be permitted at your Lake County rental?
  • Pets Permitted: if you are a pet owner, you completely understand the importance of finding a rental that permits pets.

I’m sure you get the idea. Some things may be really important to you, and it’s important to identify just what they are before you search for your next rental. Here are more ideas of what to include as you make your list:

  • Garbage Disposal

  • Eat in Kitchen

  • Formal Dining Room

  • In Home Office

  • Family Room or a Bonus Room

  • Pantry Closet

  • Walk In Shower

  • Bath Tub

  • Dual Sinks in the Master Bathroom

  • Linen Closet

  • Dual Closets in the Master Bedroom

  • Walk In Closet in the Master Bedroom

  • Ceiling Fans

  • Alarm System

  • Smart Home Features

  • Renovated Property

  • Neutral Colors in the Home

  • Natural Lighting by Skylight or Solar Tubes

  • Dedicated Parking Spaces

  • Easy Access to Public Transportation

  • Garage

  • Patio

  • Deck

  • Nice View

  • Sprinkler System

  • Lawn Care Included

  • Dedicated Storage Room or Unit

  • Private Swimming Pool

  • Community Pool

  • Community Fitness Center

  • Gated Access

Make a list of what matters for your Leesburg rental

By knowing which features are the most important to you, you can simplify the process of searching for a rental. If something is on your Must Have list and a place you see advertised doesn’t include it, cross it off of the list of places you want to consider. Find the perfect rental by knowing what you absolutely must have and what might be nice to see included.

Searching for the perfect Leesburg rental for your family? Visit to see if one of our rentals has everything on your Must Have list!


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