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What are the benefits of using a real estate agent when I rent?

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of using a real estate agent when you are looking for a rental? Let’s look at them.

  • There won’t be any costs to you as the renter! The landlord typically pays the agent for finding a tenant for them. If you are unsure, ask the agent first. Things vary in some locations, but here in Lake County, real estate agents don’t usually charge renters for helping them find a rental.

  • A realtor will help you determine what you can safely afford to pay in monthly rent based on your income and other expenses. Once you determine your budget, you’ll save time by only viewing places that you can actually afford.

  • Your agent will find help you find the right properties to see based on your expectations. For example, if you want a property with a pool that you won’t have to take care of yourself, they’ll help point you in the right direction.

  • Real estate agents know the trends with rentals. They should be able to tell you what rentals typically run in the area you are considering.

  • A realtor will know the area. They’ll be able to tell you what’s nearby and what schools children go to that live in a particular location.

  • Your agent will have access to properties that are listed in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). They may be able to find out about properties scheduled to become available in advance, and that could give you a better shot of being first in line for a showing.

  • Your realtor will take care of getting appointments set up for you. All you’ll need to do is tell them when you’re available to look and they’ll take care of getting a schedule lined up.

  • A real estate agent knows what to look for when checking out a property. For example, your agent may know that a certain electrical panel isn’t up to code, and that may not have been something you knew anything about.

  • A realtor will help you to secure the rental you’ve selected. They’ll work with you on getting the application in and they’ll take care of getting the required checks (background, credit, eviction, etc) done so you’ll be able to get the rental you want.

The rental market can be extremely competitive. In order to have the best chance of getting the place you want when you find it, have everything you’ll need ready to secure the rental. Most likely this will include proof of identity for all adults on the lease, recent bank statements showing that you have the necessary funds to secure the rental (that will include rental application fees, security deposits, and first month’s rent at a minimum), pay stubs proving you earn what you say you do, and tax returns documenting income over an extended period of time (especially if you are self employed). By having everything ready before you meet with the agent, when you spot the rental you want, you’ll be prepared to apply for it and hopefully become the next person living there!

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