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Instacart Shopping with Publix - Love It! Coupon Code Included in Article!

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Hello to All! What a different world we live in today verses a few weeks back! My husband and I are following the suggestion of the CDC and are staying at home and hibernating (because of his age and compromised health condition). Is it a pain? Yes (I've never felt quite so isolated as I do now). But will it be worth it in the long run? If we're able to keep him from getting Coronavirus and getting him in serious trouble from it, it’ll absolutely be worth it. I've read that many people are frustrated about not being able to do the things they enjoy - gather in groups, swim in community pools, etc. Like I said before, it's a different world we live in, folks! Let's think about what really matters and get over being frustrated about what we can't do right now.

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So now to the point of today's post... Instacart Shopping. I've done it once before and liked it. This time as I'm watching it on my screen as it progresses, I'm amazed and loving it! Here's what I like:

  • I know who my shopper is (Ashley B) and can chat with her as she shops. If she's not sure about something, she can ask me during the process. I can respond on my computer screen or if I've given a cell phone number (like I did), I can respond with a text from my cell phone. As in my case, several of the items I wanted weren't available in the exact format I requested (like Publix Eggs - I requested 18 Extra Large per case, she told me she could only get 12 per case, I approved the change; see the side chat window in the image above).

  • As she shops, if adjustments to quantities I've requested need to be made, I can see them as she shops. For example, I asked for 3 pounds of sliced Publix Deli Yellow American Cheese - she was able to get me just over 2 pounds, so that's listed as an adjustment.

Instacart promo code Publix Leesburg rent

  • You'll see that on the image above, it lists a Refund for items she was unable to get and for which I didn't specify a possible substitution (in fact, for the chicken tenderloins, I specifically said do not substitute). As she shops, I can see items that couldn't be purchased.

This is a great service, especially now, for those of us who need to stay at home (and away from others) in order to avoid getting sick. I've included directions for when Ashley comes to deliver - I've asked her to place all of my items in front of my garage door. I've indicated that I'm at home and will come out to get everything as soon as she leaves.

I've used a credit card for my order and included a tip for Ashley. However, now that I see the updated total that I've spent (which is about $100 more than I was figuring due to changes and substitutions that I authorized as she shopped), I realize my tip is a little short. Once Ashley calls me from the gate, I'll go outside and tape an envelope to the door with an extra $10 for her. The default tip that Instacart recommends is 5% but I didn't feel that was enough, so I'm tipping approximately 10%. Because my order was so large, delivery (shopping and shipping) was free.

There is, by default, a service fee charged by InstaCart. They say you can waive the fee, so I did that. Instead, I increased the tip amount for the shopper like I said above.

Suggestion regarding your delivery - check the order carefully. During the shopping portion listed above, it seemed like everything was going perfectly. Unfortunately I realized that wasn’t the case upon delivery. Ashley must have been shopping for several people when she shopped for me. Some of my items probably went to them and I got some of theirs. You can report problems after you receive your order online - I did that and should hear back shortly from InstaCart. I’m not worried - when I used them before and this happened, they got back to me and credited me back for the errors. I print a copy of my order and as I’m unpacking it, I indicate what I’ve received. Then after putting everything away, I go back online and when the survey arrives, it’s easy to identify the problems.

Now let's talk about coupon codes! Currently through March 28, if you do a Publix order through InstaCart, you can save $20 off of an order of $50 or more by using the promo code DAYOFF20. My referral code with InstaCart is CRYB118 - if you order with this code, you should receive $10 off of your order - I'll also receive $10 off my next order. I'll continue updating this page with coupon codes as I find them. Happy shopping... stay safe!


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