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3 DIY Ideas to Get You Organized in 2020

I’m always looking for easy, inexpensive ways to try to become organized. I came across a handful of do-it-yourself projects that sound like they might be worth trying.

My stocking and sock drawer is a mess. Here’s a simple idea for creating an area for hanging up “the crumpled up mess” taking up a whole drawer in your bureau! They say you can place it anywhere you have space, maybe inside of your closet if you have an open area. The only modification I might make is to attach the clips onto a thin piece of wood first rather than gluing directly onto the wall. Then just attach your hanging device where you want it. If you scan the comments, you’ll find additional suggestions for what you might hang: scarves, bandannas, ties, camisoles, gloves, etc. One person mentioned being concerned that wooden clothes pins might cause runs so they suggested using plastic clothes pins instead.

Taken from an article about 11 uses for an empty cardboard box, this one appealed to me because of all of the Amazon shipping boxes I’ve recently received with my holiday purchases. If you don’t like the idea of the clothespin holder, this may be what you prefer. You can easily make drawer dividers from cardboard boxes. The best part - this won’t cost you anything! Scroll down and take a look at her other ideas for what to do to repurpose boxes - I like #3 for a kids project of making bird feeders by cutting, attaching twine or string to hang, and then adding peanut butter and birdseed. Cat owners may like #8 (the cat tent). I also like #11 as a way to keep your Christmas lights from becoming a knotted up mess (I hope!).

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed by papers on your desk, think about making a simple paper organizer from your used cereal boxes. I could see something like this working well for bills too - each section would hold all bills due in a third of the month (1st to 10th, 11th to 20th, and 21st to 31st).

Here’s to becoming more organized in 2020! I hope you'll consider stopping by again at or better yet, subscribe. Note: Instant Pot Tuesday posts will return next week - please share any good recipes you have discovered or any tips you have so I can share them with the group - thanks!

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