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How do find out which school your child will attend?

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Today's post isn't just for potential renters - it's for anyone considering an address change! Whether you are renting, buying, or moving in with someone - this post is for you if you have school-aged children. How do you go about finding out which school your children will attend?

There are a few good websites that can lead you towards that answer.

You can find out which school your child will attend at my Leesburg rental

The first is - visit this site and on this screen, type in the complete address of the property (whether it is for sale or not) and click search. Scroll down until you see the Nearby Schools section. Most likely, you'll see a few schools listed. If there are additional schools, click See More and you'll be given the complete list of schools for the address you entered. Here's where it gets a little tricky. I typed in the address of one of my properties which is 1015 Willow Drive Leesburg Florida 34748 and when I clicked search, I was given this list (see below). tells which school your child will attend at my Leesburg rental

I arrived at a screen listing eight schools! Some are public schools and some are private. So how can I be sure of where my child would go if I want them to attend public school? That's where the next website comes in handy! I like because it lists all possible nearby schools, but it doesn't tell me for sure where my kids will go. On to the next website! gives information about the school your child will attend at my Leesburg rental

I taught in public schools for 28 years, so this next site is one that I consider to be important. Not only does it list where my children will attend school, but it ranks schools so I can make an informed decision. Go to and where it says Find a Great School, type in the complete address again and click search. gives info for my Leesburg rental property address

I'm given a list of eight schools again (some were on the previous list, others may be different). This time, you'll see the names of the schools where your children will be assigned to go based on their grade level. If you have a child that is in pre-K through grade 5 for the address I've provided, they'll be assigned to Leesburg Elementary School which is showing it has 777 students as of the date of my search. It's ranked as a 3 out of 10 (with 10 out of 10 being the highest possible ranking and 1 out of 10 being the lowest). It shows the distance from the address I've provided and it gives me the address of the school. Let's see what else we can find out by clicking on the name of the school.

Research schools for my Leesburg rental

On this screen, I can click to read reviews from parents of students that attend the school - here there are 33 reviews and overall, it's averaging a 4 out of 5 stars when ranked by parents. When I scroll down, I can find out about how the school ranks for academics (test scores and student progress), I can find out about the equity in the school (how they rank for the needs of various groups), and I can see the environment (general information, demographics, number of students per teacher). Up at the top in the blue bar listing the name of the school I've selected, I can click to see the contact information if I want to find out more by investigating in person. When I do that, I'm taken to a screen showing a map with where the school is located and I'm given contact information for the principal of the school. I like that I'm given data about the school, but I always like to make my decision based on what I see when I go there. I'll make up a list of questions and bring it with me to the appointment that I'll schedule with the school principal.

Whether you rent or own, it's important to know about the schools that your children will attend. These two websites will give you an idea of which schools are nearby and you'll find out for sure where your child will be assigned to attend. If you're not happy with the public school where your child is assigned, you may want to consider a private school. But before you do, you may want to talk with school district officials (from the superintendent's office) about your options - some districts allow parents to select a different school (ask if there is a School Choice option) based on their needs and preferences. Here in Lake County, there is an Educational Choice Open Window where parents can choose a school and apply for their child to attend their school of choice. This could include a different public school within the district, a magnet school offering a specialized curriculum, a charter school, or even a virtual school. Spend time doing research on and figure out what you feel is best for your child.

Thanks for visiting. Have a great weekend!

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